Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Bem-vindo and Welcome to the official homepage of the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA). The first chapter of SLACA was founded by the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in 1969 to advance the study of Latin American anthropology. In 2005, the Society’s membership officially approved the adoption of “Caribbean” to the Society’s name to reflect the connections between the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

SLACA provides a forum for discussion of current research, scholarly trends, and human rights concerns, as well as a space for interchange among scholars from and who work in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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SLACA announces call for self nominations for Officers

SLACA needs to fill six positions beginning in 2021: Treasurer, Councilor (Prizes and Awards), Councilor (Program), Councilor (Anthropology News Column), Councilor (Website), and Student Councilor. All open positions are for three year terms. Self-nomination materials are due February 10, 2020. Find more information on the Self Nomination page.


SLACA announces 2019 award winners

The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA) is proud to award its annual book prize to Kathleen M. Millar (Simon Fraser University) for her book Reclaiming the Discarded: Life and Labor in Rio’s Garbage Dump (Duke University Press).

SLACA is also pleased to recognize Alexander L. Fattal (UC San Diego) with an Honorable Mention for his book Guerrilla Marketing: Counterinsurgency and Capitalism in Colombia (University of Chicago Press).

Daniel Salas (Dalhousie University)is the winner of the Roseberry Nash Graduate Student Award for his paper “Practices of Double Currency: Value and Politics in Rural Cuba”

Felipe Fernández Lozano (Freie Universität, Berlin) received an honorable mention for his paper “Diseños para escalar la infraestructura. A propósito de la intervención estatal en el casco urbano de Buenaventura, Colombia.”


JLACA Jubilee Volume 2020

Motivated and inspired by the 25th anniversary of the Journal for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, JLACA announces a call for papers for the 2020 Volume 25. We seek articles that address an array of themes, issues, and problems from an historical perspective of “the last twenty-five years.” Some authors may use this historical frame to discuss prospective possibilities of and for LAC anthropology, as well as for the Society. Authors may choose to assess the representation, or lack of treatment, of a topic in the pages of JLACA.

For more information and suggested themes see the Current Call for Papers page.