Position Descriptions

SLACA Officers fill a variety of roles

The President is the presiding officer of SLACA and represents it in all of its functions. At the conclusion of the President’s term of office, they continue to serve on the Executive Committee for two years in ex-officio capacity.

Past President
After completing a 3 year term, the President continues on the board for two years in ex-officio capacity.

The treasurer is responsible for the administration of the finances of SLACA, subject to budgetary and other regulations approved by the Executive Committee and the Association.

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at the Executive Committee and Annual Business Meetings of the Society. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining mailing lists of current members.

The program councilor is responsible for evaluating the SLACA submissions for the AAA annual meeting.

The Councilor for Nominations seeks candidates for nomination to open board positions each spring. The Councilor is responsible for organizing and submitting all SLACA elections materials to the AAA.

The website councilor is responsible for updating and maintaining the SLACA website.

The prizes and award councilor oversees the awarding of two paper prizes and one book prize.

Councilor-Anthropology News Column
The Anthropology News column councilor is responsible for soliciting columns for publication in Anthropology News.

Student Councilors (2)
Student councilors attend the meetings and participate in the business of the Committee, serve on such subcommittees as may be established, and take on special assignments.


In addition, the Editor of the Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology serves on the board


see the Self Nomination page for more information on becoming part of the board