AAA 2015 Session Proposals

A note from our 2015 AAA Program Chair…

Dear Colleagues,

Below are two important notes regarding AAA 2015 proposals.

INVITED SESSIONS: Panel proposals seeking invited status will follow the same submission format as all AAA submissions. To submit a proposal for an invited session, go to and follow the links to the call for papers. A session abstract of up to 500 words is required.  Participants are bound by the rules of the meeting and must submit final abstracts, meeting registration forms and fees via by April 15.

Due to the current number of SLACA members, our Section has the possibility of designating two (2) panels as “invited status”, making them official Section Panels.  SLACA invited status will be granted based upon a panel’s quality and merit, and invited status will be awarded during the general review period after the April 15 submission deadline.  To be more active in shaping the scholarly dialogue about anthropology of/in Latin America and the Caribbean, SLACA is soliciting ideas or complete panel submissions.  This year, we are particularly interested in panels that consider one of the following themes:

  1. The validity and utility of the familiar/strange within Latin America/the Caribbean.  In short, this is applying the overall AAA theme ( to our Section’s geographic focus.
  2. Issues of international or regional research, collaboration, mobilization, and integration, especially with reference to the Caribbean.
  3. Other politically urgent or timely topics.

If you simply have an idea based upon the above ideas, please contact the Program Chair, Kiran Jayaram ([email protected]) immediately to allow time to try to vet the idea and develop the panel.

The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology