Writing & Publishing Workshop

Since its founding in 1995, The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology has been committed to publishing junior scholars—students, newly “minted” Ph.D.s, and first time authors. This is manifest in the publication over the last twenty-five years of a significant number of special issues and “dossiers” organized by SLACA members, especially by such emerging scholars, as well as by The Journal’s commitment to publish the winning paper of the Roseberry-Nash Student Prize Award. Motivated by The Journal’s jubilee anniversary in 2020, JLACA continues and deepens this tradition with the initiation of a writing and mentoring workshop. The JLACA editors led a team of workshop leaders that includes members of the Journal’s Editorial Board and the SLACA executive council to provide new scholars with this unique mentoring workshop.


Where & When:

The JLACA Writing and Publishing Workshop is held during the Annual American Anthropology Association (AAA) Meetings. These meetings are typically scheduled during the week before or after Thanksgiving. For more details visit https://www.americananthro.org/annual_meeting

Eligible Participants:

  • Must be a member of the Society of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA);
  • Registered to attend the AAA Meeting;
  • Student or junior scholar (first time academic author)


Interested persons must sign up for the workshop in the fall via the AAA Annual Program portal.  Once on this page, look for the AAA link to attend/sign up for AAA workshops. There should be a special page “AAA Mentoring Workshops.”  We ask you to forward your email confirmation for the workshop to the JLACA Editorial Assistant in order to receive further information about the workshop prior to the AAA.Please note participation requires membership in SLACA. Participants in the SLACA Roseberry-Nash Student Paper competition are guaranteed a place in the workshop roster.


The one hour fifteen minute workshop is divided into two parts: a general full group introduction (20-25 minutes) and breakout group activities (50-55 minutes). The full group introduction provides strategies for initiating a publishing career (what, when, where to publish) and discussion of the pragmatics of journal publishing (submission, review, and editorial process). Breakout groups bring mentors and mentees together to discuss the specific writing projects that workshop attendees bring into the session. Participants are asked to circulate one in-process writing project with the workshop leaders prior to the AAA meetings to facilitate discussion and feedback with mentors. The Workshop team is led by the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and members of the JLACA Editorial Board and/or the SLACA Board. Enrollment is first come-first serve and both students and junior scholars are encouraged to participate. JLACA is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in publishing by mentoring first-time authors — students and early-career scholars — from Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean heritage and speakers of Spanish or Portuguese. Students who submitted essays to the SLACA Roseberry-Nash Student Prize competition are guaranteed placement in the workshop.


The JLACA Writing and Publishing Workshop is organized by the Editorial Office of The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology and sponsored by the Society of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology, a section of the AAA. The joint JLACA-SLACA workshop is funded in part by SLACA and a Mentoring Grant provided by the AAA.