Tables and Illustrations


Submit each table separately from the manuscript in its own Word document. Do not submit tables as PDFs, since they need to be copyedited. Give each table a number and a short descriptive title (e.g., Table 1: Short descriptive title). The files should be named in word using this format: your name and the table number: Your Name Table 1, Your Name Table 2, and so on. In the manuscript, place bracketed callouts between paragraphs indicating where each table should be placed, like this: [Please insert Table 1 here]. In the text, point out each table to the reader once, usually in parentheses, like this: (see Table 1).

Photos, Maps, and Illustrations

Submit each image separately from the manuscript in its own TIF or JPG file. Do not embed images in the manuscript. Image files must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and large enough to print at 8 x 10 inches. If they do not meet these criteria, we cannot use them. Title the image files using your name and consecutive Arabic numerals: Your Name Figure 1, Your Name Figure 2, and so on. Each image needs a corresponding placement callout and reference in the main text, as with tables (see above).
In a separate document, submit captions for each image numbered to correspond with the image files: Figure 1, Figure 2. All captions should include a description of the image (naming the who, what, when, and where), as well as a credit, like this:
Figure 1.   Picapedros (stone miners) climb up the steep site of their andesite mine, Lozán Grande, located in the Chimborazo National Reserve.  Photo Credit:  Mateo Ponce, May 2012.
Once an author’s manuscript is accepted for publication, the author may submit a photo for consideration for the cover of the journal issue in which the article is scheduled to appear.  Photos must be at least 600 dpi and large enough to print at 8 x 10 inches.  As in figures in the text, they should be accompanied by a separate file with caption and source. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that permissions for the use of the image have been granted.


You must submit written permissions for each image, including those you own and those owned by someone else. In each permission, the image’s owner must authorize JLACA to publish the image both in print and online. A permission must also be submitted for any table that is owned by someone else or is being reprinted.

The Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology