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Editorial Office
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General Inquiries:  [email protected]


Editorial Office

Quetzil E. Castañeda, Editor-in-Chief
Indiana University; The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology (OSEA)
[email protected] 

Associate Editors

Lisa C. Breglia, George Mason University

Karina Cespedes, University of Central Florida

Jason Pribilsky, Whitman College

Daniel Renfrew, West Virginia University

Reviews Editor

Beatriz Reyes-Foster, University of Central Florida
[email protected]

Editorial Assistant

Eleana Velasco, George Mason University
[email protected]


Editorial Intern and Social Media Coordinator

Audrey McGill, University of Central Florida



Michelle Beckett (English),
[email protected]

Eleana Velasco (Spanish), George Mason University
[email protected]

Gustavo Costa (Portuguese), Texas Tech University
[email protected]


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Editorial Board

Lisa C. Breglia, ex officio
George Mason University

Ronda L. Brulotte, ex officio
University of New Mexico

Hortensia Caballero Arias, 2016-2022
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas 

Jeremy M. Campbell, 2017-2021
Roger Williams University

Quetzil E. Castañeda, ex officio
Indiana University Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology

Karina Cespedes, ex officio
University of Central Florida

Beth Conklin, 2017-2021
Vanderbilt University

Kathleen Fine-Dare, 2016-2022
Fort Lewis College

Edward F. Fischer, 2019-2023
Vanderbilt University

Patricia Fortuny, 2019-2023
Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, Peninsular (México)

Carla Guerrón Montero, 2017-2022
University of Delaware

Kiran Jayaram, 2019-2023
University of South Florida

Myriam Jimeno, 2016-2022
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Maurice Rafael Magaña, 2020-2024
University of Arizona

Bruce Mannheim, 2017-2021
University of Michigan

David Nugent, 2019-2023
Emory University

Stephan Palmié, 2016-2022
University of Chicago

Silvia Posocco, 2019-2023
Birkbeck University of London

Jason Priblisky, ex officio
Whitman College

John Pulis, 2017-2021
Hofstra University

Daniel Renfrew, ex officio
West Virginia University

Beatriz Reyes-Foster, ex officio
University of Central Florida

Lydia Rodríguez, 2020-2024
State University of New York at Potsdam

Clare A. Sammells, ex officio
Bucknell University

Irina Silber, 2020-2024
City University of New York

W. Warner Wood, 2020-2024
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Annelou Ypeij, 2020-2024
Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation



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Past Editors

Linda J. Seligmann, 2015-2018
Andrew Canessa, 2008-2015
Jean Muteba Rahier, 2003-2007
Mary Weismantel, 2000-2003
Wendy Weiss, 1995-2000

Past JLACA Editorial Boards


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