Lodging and Local Contacts

Information for SLACA 2017 Conference:
The SLACA spring 2017 conference is located in Antigua, Guatemala, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is renowned for its Italianate Renaissance architecture. Since its founding in 1543 as Santiago de Guatemala, it has been a cultural and intellectual center.

Conference Facilities:
The SLACA conference will be held at the Casa Herrera, a center of research and teaching aimed at furthering Mesoamerican studies. It is located just one block north of the central plaza at 4a Avenida Norte, No. 9.

There will be special events at CIRMA, and Centro Cultural Colegio Santo Tomas de Aquino. CIRMA is a research library and archive, open to scholars interested in the history, culture and politics of Guatemala. The Centro Cultural Colegio Santo Tomas de Aquino, part of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, regularly hosts art exhibits, symposia, and other cultural and historical events.

There are many hotel and AirBnB options in Antigua, all within walking distance of the conference sites. Antigua Hotel Solutions, a collective of small hotels, has agreed to hold rooms for participates. Reservations can be made by emailing, [email protected], and calling: 502+78321148 o 502+4709-1016.

Tourism information:
Antigua is a well-known tourism destination and there are many popular guides that conference participants can consult. Local, online guides, like The Antigua Guide, from Revue Magazine, provide an insider’s guide to restaurants, lodging, and cultural centers, as does

Around Antigua Guide, another local guide to services in Antigua.

Contactos Útiles Para La Conferencia de SLACA

Casa Herrera, University of Texas in Antigua: http://utmesoamerica.org/casa
Milady Casco, On Site Coordinator
Office location:4a Avenida Norte, No. 9, Antigua, Guatemala
Office Phone: (502) 7832-0760
E-mail: [email protected]

Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española en La Antigua Guatemala
Joan Celrà Frigolé, Asistente de Dirección
Alejandra Morales, Area de Formación
Antiguo Colegio de la Compañía de Jesús,
6a Ave Norte entre 3a y 4a Calle Poniente
T +502 79323838  F +502 78321280
conocimiento.antigua@aecid.es   o  www.aecid-cf.org.gt

La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala 
Departamento de Antropología: http://uvg.edu.gt/ccss/antropologia/index.html
Andrés Álvarez Castañeda ([email protected])
Engel Tally ([email protected])

La Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
El Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Regionales (CEUR): http://ceur.usac.edu.gt/index.html
Óscar Pelaez Almengor: [email protected] or [email protected]
Tel. 2418 – 7750
Escuela de Historia (incluso, Antropología)
Claudia Dary: [email protected]>

Colegio Santo Tomas
Frida Maritza Moreira, Directora
Tel. 7832-9000; 5698-8066
[email protected]
Lourdes Gallardo Shaul: [email protected]
Especially to book conference rooms at 1a Avenida Norte #23;

CIRMA: www.cirma.org.gt
Guisela Asensio Lueg: [email protected]
5ª Calle Oriente No. 5, Antigua Guatemala
Tel: 502-7931-0300

PLFM: http://www.plfm.org/#; http://spanishschoolplfm.com
Andrés Cholotío García, director: [email protected]

FLACSO Guatemala: http://www.flacso.edu.gt

Antigua Tours: http://www.antiguatours.net/
Elizabeth Bell, [email protected]
3ª Calle Oriente #22, Antigua Guatemala

La Copia Fiel: Copying / Printing:
Lisseth Castillo, Asesora de ventas
5ª Calle Oriente No. 16, Antigua Guatemala
[email protected]

Casa Antigua: Conference Hotel, Owner Darryl Hicks
3ª Calle Poniente #5
Tel: 7832-9090 o 7832-9191
[email protected]