AAA Conference Sessions

SLACA is happy to sponsor the following events at the upcoming AAA/CASCA annual meeting

Vancouver, BC, November 20-24


(5-0530) The Migrant Caravan and Legacies of Violence: The Changing Climate of Immigration and Asylum at the U.S./Mexican Border and Beyond


(4-0035) Consuming Fashion, Fashioning Consumption: Aestheticizing Andean Culture and Experience

(4-0440) Learning Race, Contesting Racism: Afro-descendant Youth and Racial Politics in Latin America


(5-0695) Society for Latin American & Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA) Business Meeting


(2-0075) Exploring the Contradictions of the New “Normal” in Nicaragua: Roots and Ramifications

(2-0130) Precarious Movements and Uncertainty in Latin America

(2-0270) Detours: Reflections on Travel, Collaboration, and Inequality in Latin America

(2-0475) Changing Cultures and (Re)Vitalization of Heritage in Latin America

(2-0610) The Climate of Changing Territories and Indigenous Lives

(3-0130) Gender, Changing Climates, and Cultural Shifts in Latin America

(3-0830) Indigeneity and Decolonization, Hemispherically: Instrumentalizing Music as Resistance

(3-1250) The Border and Its Bodies: The Embodiment of Risk Along the U.S.-México Line

(4-1050) Weathering the “Tropical Trump”: Precarious Rights & Resilient Justice in Brazil´s Climate of Authoritarian Populism

(4-1115) Coauthoring Maya Identity: Case Studies from the Heartland and the Diaspora

(5-0065) Convivir con la Comunidad: Ethnographic Encounters in and with Mexican Communities

(5-0365) Cosmological Agency and Embodied Dependency: Struggle and Collaboration in Latin American Shamanism

(5-0925) Struggles for Justice in The Caribbean and Latin America: A New Book Roundtable

(5-1050) Autonomous Horizons in Shifting Political Climates: From Central America to Mexico and the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands